Food Allergies

Explaining Food Allergies to Relatives

It can be difficult at first to explain your child’s food allergies to family and relatives after just finding out.  Making it even more confusing is that food allergies are not just black and white.  Severity plays a huge role in how they need to be handled and what precautions need to be taken.  The important thing to remember is […]

Peanut Allergies: Early Introduction is not the ANSWER

Over the last few weeks, just about every media outlet has sounded off the theory that avoiding peanuts while pregnant or waiting too long to offer it to babies is what caused the peanut allergy epidemic.  The reason for the recent media push comes following the release of new guidelines from the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease which state a child with a high […]

Minor Bump in the Road of Normalcy

This morning was hard.  It was a bit of a sucker punch. Recently, I signed up for a parent/toddler class.  It is a just-for-fun class that included Art, Music and Gym activities.  Some classes they offer are for specific age groups, such as 0-6 months or 15-18 months, so that all of the kids are […]

Hotel Preparation: Vacationing with a Peanut Allergy

Traveling has always been something that my Hubby and I enjoyed. But, with our youngest son’s peanut allergy, it has been a bit of a game changer. While we do plan to fly with him in the near future, we so far have done road trips until we feel comfortable flying with him on an airplane.

A New Mom in the Food Allergy World

We are about 3 months into finding out our now 11-month old has severe food allergies.  We have zeroed in on the six culprits that his body is rejecting.  Everyone’s journey is different.  I am in no way an expert on being a Mom of a child with food allergies.  But, sometimes it is nice to […]

No Special Cupboard

Our entire house is 100% peanut-free.  This may change down the road as our kids get older, but for now, peanut-free it is.  There is not one cupboard that contains peanut-free only items, or one cupboard where the peanut butter is stashed “just in case” we need it.  There isn’t a special cupboard of “Mommas […]