19 Things About Me

So, I’ve started a blog.

Whew.  I finally said wrote it.  I have to be honest and tell you that I haven’t completely jumped in with two feet.  I am not ALL in yet.  But, I am here for now.

Because it seems like the most logical thing to do, here are 19 things about me.

  1. I am married to my Forever.  My soul mate.
  2. I am the luckiest Mom in the world to two little boys.
  3. I love coffee & pure maple syrup.  Not combined.
  4. I don’t eat meat.
  5. I eat fish.
  6. You know that point in your life when you look at your friends and you know you would move mountains for every single one of them and they would for you?  I am there.  The rest have slowly fizzled out.  I am okay with that.
  7. I am an old soul when it comes to relationships.  See #6
  8. A fly on my kitchen wall would witness me full out breakdancing at least one time every single day.  My boys love it.
  9. I love Church on Sunday mornings.  I need it as a refresh for the new week.  Full disclosure: I only hear 60% of the service because I can’t get over my toddler & baby’s cuteness and just stare at them with a big goofy smile.
  10. There is always an opened bag of Godiva or Trader Joe’s chocolate chips in my freezer.  Always.
  11. I am an involved parent.  Not a lazy parent, not a helicopter parent.  An involved parent and proud of it.
  12. I ask my Hubby when I need fashion help. i.e. “Do these shoes look better, or do these?”  I mean, he is the one that has to look at me, right?  I don’t.
  13. Healthy eating is important to me.
  14. I truly believe that “You are what you eat”.  Sometimes I am a plate of veggies and humus.  Sometimes I am a big bowl of Breyers Natural Vanilla ice cream covered in Trader Joes MooMidnight chocolate.
  15. I am imperfect as a wife, a Mom, a friend and in life. Imperfection doesn’t scare me.  Imperfect is honest.  It is what pushes me to be a better me.
  16. My son has severe food allergies.  The unknown of it scares me.
  17. I have a terrible singing voice.  I sing a lot.
  18. I love my life.  Truly.
  19. I feel my best when I am doing yoga regularly.  I currently am not.  Typing that out might just have been the push I needed to get back on it.  Someone please hold me accountable to that.


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